The Winery


The point is ...

With wine, it is important that you like what you're drinking and that it suits the occasion. Our moods are ever changing and sometimes, depending on how we feel, one wine can seem better than another. Each wine drinker has a unique experience every time they raise a glass and the important thing is, not only to enjoy the moment, but to share your experiences of different wines with others.



A Short History of my Adventure

• It all started a little over ten years ago, during my adventures in the vineyards of France. Back then, I didn't understand much about wine but I've caught up a lot since, which is lucky for you and me.

• Through many amazing and unforgettable experiences, I soon fell in love with the world of wine and packed myself off to a training college (in Beaujolais) to teach myself the ins and outs of the industry from the ground up.


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Try our organic wines: some will surprise you, others will delight you, none will leave you indifferent. Our goal is to get you to discover wines with a difference!


My Journey

The path that led me to where I am now took me travelling from winery to winery, through the vineyards of America and Australia, where French grape varieties grow in abundance, before finding myself here in this stunning region of France known as the Pyrenees Orientales and, more specifically, Maury (66).

Turning my back on the conventional system, production-driven and obsolete, I decided to make wines that would reflect their "terroir", respect their environment and let nature take its course.

For four years I made 'natural' red wines, full of fruit and character, in the Bandol region (83) at Chateau Vielprat.

My Winery

I set my heart on building a winery from scratch, making wine that tasted great to me for the fans, purists and individuals in this world looking for a wine with character and its own special something. I left Bandol and hung my hat in Maury to make dry 'natural' wines with no technological trickery.

Today, I am accompanied by Caroline, who helps with many tasks (winemaking, bottling, marketing), and contributes significantly behind the scenes .

While I'm looking after the vines, she takes care of our shop where you can find all our wines and a range of home-made products as well as regional produce.